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#1281 Gość_patrys_*

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Napisany 05 wrzesień 2017 - 10:13

Cenowo zbliża się do AWS ;)

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#1282 sylver74


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Napisany 05 wrzesień 2017 - 11:34

A się zastanawiałem co mi tak wyczyściło paypala i taka duża fv za poprzedni miesiąc. Teraz już wiem

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#1283 marionetka


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Napisany 05 wrzesień 2017 - 19:16

Ja mam konto w OVH od 5 lat kupowałem kilkaset domen i nie miałem żadnych problemów, BOK działa bez problemów, ceny jak na razie dla mnie satysfakcjonujące.

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#1284 cdcd


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Napisany 02 październik 2017 - 15:53

W skrócie od 1 grudnia 2017 ceny trosze up ;)




In 2013 our customers suffered a lot from DDoS attacks, at the time it wasn’t possible for us to protect them since we did not have an anti-DDoS solution. This technology is extremely expensive due to two reasons:
- The capacity of interconnects between our network and the source of the DDoS attack has to be increased
- It requires to set up a system that intercepts the DDoS attack and cleans it without impacting legitimate traffic.

During 2013 it was discussed on the mailing list together with customers, and decided to increase the prices slightly (2 euro / month) for 12 months to finance the VAC (Anti-DDoS), by doing this OVH could build a system that protects all customers by default with a very low cost price.

Today the network is doing well, despite that it receives more than 2000 DDoS attacks per day with 20 large DDoS attacks per week. You do not notice this since it works in the background.

To achieve the level of performance and capacity we invested heavily in the network in Europe, US and recently Asia. Thanks to our global network we can clean the attack closest to it’s source as possible. With our network of 12 Tbps capacity and 4Tbps of Anti-DDoS capacity you can develop your business with OVH and still be calm.

Even today the VAC works very well, we still owe you to continue development of the protection and the network all over the world. We need to continue to get private and public peering with a lot of other networks in order to control the capacity when attacks move towards our network. This involves setting up new PoPs in the world, invest in new routers and peering which increasingly pays off.

We know that the war against DDoS attacks is a race against the clock and even if we’re ahead today, we can quickly end up as in the 2013 situation due to under-investing in technologies. We do not want to get to the point where we have to tell ou that your servers are down due to a DDoS. The anti-DDoS is a part of a basic service and we owe you to be the front-runners of the technology.

That’s why we decided to bill this service by including it by default in every service we offer. This way we have a much more realistic view of going even further and fight against the insecurities and better protect you.
We have to build the Anti-DDoS Next Generation that will offer SLA, even if you’re under attack, to guarantee the quality of service even if you receive a 1Tbps DDoS attack. Today nobody offers this at our level and we do the “Best effort”.

Pricing will be as following:
Dedicated Servers Kimsufi Anti-DDoS: +1€/month
Dedicated Servers SoYouStart Anti-DDoS: +2€/month
1Gigabit (uplink) Dedicated Servers OVH Anti-DDoS: +5€/month
10/25/40Gigabit (uplink) Dedicated Servers OVH Anti-DDoS: +10€/month
VPS Anti-DDoS: +1€/month
250mbit (uplink) Public Cloud Servers: +2€
500mbit (uplink) Public Cloud Servers: +5€

Dedicated GAME servers won’t be affected since it’s already being paid for in the price.
Private cloud won’t be affected since it’s mainly using the private network.

The price change concerns both new and existing customers. For new customers the change will happen on the sites within 2 weeks. For existing customers we will send an email to all customers in the coming days for a price change that will apply from December 1st 2017. Also before this date you can renew your services for 3, 6 or 12 months at the current price.

It’s rare that existing customers are asked to contribute once you’re already subscribed and we’ve only done it twice the last 18 years:
- 2013: with the launch of Anti-DDoS service
- 2016: due to the EUR / USD, GBP / EUR exchange rate

This will be the 3rd time: To continue to invest in the network, in the capacity of network and Anti-DDoS, the Anti-DDoS technologies, with a monthly predictable price, we continue to believe that we should protect our customers by default, and today we get to the stage were we finally put a price on this service.

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#1285 Oszukista


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Napisany 31 październik 2017 - 17:54

Jak się ma nowy anty - ddos?
Dostałem dzisiaj e-mail z informacją o podłączeniu anty ddosu do każdego hostingu. Testował ktoś?

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#1286 neon103


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Napisany 11 luty 2018 - 14:14

Czy komuś oprócz mnie nie działa połączenie z bazą danych i phpmyadmin?

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#1287 JanoK


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Napisany 11 luty 2018 - 15:50

OVH to generalnie dobra firma pod warunkiem że nie korzysta się z ich VPSów jest tam straszny overselling i wydaje mi sie że już lepiej wziąć dedyka na tomie z kimsufi niż tego najtańszego vpsa. Róznica w cenie jest na prawdę niewielka a ma sie jednak swój własny serwer i nie trzeba go dzielci z innymi użytkownikami.

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#1288 MarioN2


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Napisany 11 luty 2018 - 18:53

domen - świetna sprawa, tanio i bezproblemowo

vps - nie polecam, w życiu wiećej tam nie wezme wirtualki ze względu na overselling


dedyk - wiadomo, klasa sama w sobie, bardzo serdecznie polecam :)

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