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Posty napisane przez paperity_hr

  1. For Paperity (, the 1st multidisciplinary aggregator of Open Access journals and papers, an academic web service with global audience, we are seeking a motivated MYSQL & LINUX ADMINISTRATOR for permanent cooperation. We offer full- or part-time work (50-100%), mostly remote. Candidates from Warsaw are preferred.



    - administration of servers and services: database, www, ftp, dns, linux

    - design and optimization of server & DB architecture

    - content management, administration of background processes for data import & export

    - optimization of web application for high speed and responsiveness

    - deployment of new application features

    - ensuring data consistency and quality

    - ensuring high service availability

    - ensuring web & data security

    - automating admin tasks

    - documenting your work


    Technology stack: Ubuntu, MySQL, Solr, Nginx, uWSGI, Python.


    Required very good knowledge of: MySQL, Python, Bash, networking, Linux/web/DB administration & security.


    If you are interested in this position please submit your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile. If possible, include links to professional profiles: Github, StackOverflow, ServerFault etc. Please respond to: (in Polish or English).