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Problem z połączeniem bota na serwer teamspeak3.

Problem z połączeniem bota na serwer teamspeak3.

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Problem z połączeniem bota na serwer teamspeak3.

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Napisany 09 wrzesień 2017 - 10:51

Informacje o systemie:
Operating System: Linux (Debian 9)
SinusBot Version: SinusBot 0.9.21-87a90ce
TS3 Version: TeamSpeak 3 Client

2017-09-09T10:43:43+02:00 TSClient quit.
2017-09-09T10:43:42+02:00 New connection status 0; Error 1797
2017-09-09T10:43:42+02:00 The bot could not connect. This might have several reasons: the server doesn't exist at that address, the server password is wrong, the default channel doesn't exist, the bot has been banned, the server is an illegal installation or the password is wrong , the security level of your identity is too low or the server does not allow the version of the client you are using. See our Wiki / Forums for more help.
2017-09-09T10:43:42+02:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Failed to connect to server, want autoreconnect = 0
2017-09-09T10:43:42+02:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect status: Disconnected
2017-09-09T10:43:37+02:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Last update check was: Tue Jan 1 00:00:01 2019
2017-09-09T10:43:37+02:00 New connection status 1; Error 0
2017-09-09T10:43:37+02:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect status: Connecting
2017-09-09T10:43:37+02:00 TS |INFO |PreProSpeex |1 |Speex version: 1.2rc1
2017-09-09T10:43:37+02:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Initiating connection: xxx:6410 xxx
2017-09-09T10:43:37+02:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Blacklist check ok
2017-09-09T10:43:37+02:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect to server: xxx
2017-09-09T10:43:37+02:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |ts3server: xxx?port=6410&nickname=XD&password=&channel=&channelpassword=
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Using configuration location: /opt/ts3soundboard/data/ts3/e6014034-9165-43b0-a8f4-0b4a8c295804/3a4e8fe4-1082-4643-8489-59d0026fb742/settings.db
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Qt version: 5.5.0
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Failed to init text to speech engine
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |INFO |Query | |listening on
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |INFO | | |Loading plugin: libtest_plugin
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |INFO | | |Loading plugin: libsoundbot_plugin
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |INFO | | |Loading plugin: liblua_plugin
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |INFO | | |Loading plugin: libclientquery_plugin
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |WARNING |SoundDevManager| |Did not load any sound backends. No (usable) dynamic libraries found.
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |ERROR |SoundBckndIntf| | cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |ERROR |SoundBckndIntf| | cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |INFO | | |Using hardware aes
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |INFO | | |SystemInformation: Linux 4.9.0-3-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.30-2+deb9u3 (2017-08-06) x86_64 Binary: 64bit
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 TS |INFO | | |TeamSpeak 3 Client (2015-10-22 11:14:48)
2017-09-09T10:43:36+02:00 Starting instance ts3server://xxx?port=6410&nickname=XD&password=&channel=&channelpassword=
2017-09-09T10:43:07+02:00 KILL [admin] OK
2017-09-09T10:43:06+02:00 TSClient quit.

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